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About Us


Formally established in Sep. 1996, Shandong Zhanghuang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japan joint concern invested by Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Works, TAIKO KIKAI Industries Co., Ltd. with a total investment of USD 6.26 million, registered capital of USD 4.46 million, in which investment proportion of Japan is 60%, investment proportion of China is 40%.

        The main products of Zhanghuang company are SSR®, SSR®-HB, SSR®-T series three-lobe Roots blowers which are new products recently developed by Taiki Kikai industries Co., Ltd. with the world advanced level in the 1990s. The blower’s flow capacity is from 0.6m3/min to 80m3/min. Pressure rise is from 9.8kpa to 58.8kpa. It has 22 series 220 specifications. The remarkable features of the blowers are:small volume, light weight, full flow capacity, low noise and reliable operation. The blowers are mainly used in sewage treatment, pneumatic systems, vacuum packing and aquatic farming industry etc.

        In order to enlarge the scale of business operation of the company and give full to superiority of technology, equipment and products of the company, in 1999 Zhanghuang company began to introduce the special technology of Sanko Air Plant Ltd. in Japan to design and manufacture rotary feeder. Including: GR type rotary feeder (iron casting type, carbon steel weld-ing structure type, stainless steel type) total 4 series 12 specifications; AGR type rotary feeder (iron casting type, carbon steel welding structure type+ hardened cover type) total 2 series 8 specifications; FN type feed Nozzle( stainless steel type, carbon steel type) total 2 series 8 specifications; and vent chamber (stainless steel type, carbon steel type) total 1 series 2 specifications, etc. The above mentioned rotary feeders can be widely used in pneumatic system and transporting powder through bulk carrier.

        Zhanghuang company follows the policy of "quality first and manking user satisfactory" to carry on production and management. It has established quality guarantee system of design, development, production, assembling and service according to ISO9001 and passed the evaluation of China Quality Certification Center for Import and Export Commodities in 1997.